Digital Photo Pro Contest Video

This is a video I shot as a side project during 5 shoots I did for a contest, which were actually shot with stills in mind. So I shot in 6k at a very fast shutter speed for my images, and then told the models, "Hey, while we're here, I'm going to do a little shooting for motion as well." So this video was really an afterthought. This was my first time shooting with a Red camera. I shot all natural light just for the sake of time and budget, which was 0. Each shoot was done in 1-2 hours (it was too cold to be out much longer). I had no crew or assistance except on the tennis shoot where I had one assistant. The images I made for the contest can be seen on my website/blog at I won the contest and will be receiving a Red Scarlet Lightweight package as my prize. When that comes I look forward to doing some more deliberate film projects with more time, more help, and more knowledge. Credits: Photography: Braxton Bruce Photography Music: Ian Sannar Concept, direction, post-production: Braxton Bruce Photography/Wilhelmsen Creative

I recently participated in the Digital Photo Pro Emerging Pro Contest.  I was the winner based on 5 still images shot on a Red Scarlet.  While I was at it, though, I thought it would be a shame not to shoot some vids as well, so this is the compilation of my winning footage.
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